How Can You Safely Transport Your Artwork?


You are the guardian angel of your precious and valuable productions of art, whether you bought the artwork from a fine art dealer or created it yourself. How you carry, transport, and deliver them truly matters to their material safety and endurance.

Transporting a work of art requires proper care. Some pieces are fragile, old and delicate, oversized, or heavy. Others are small, lightweight, or made from heat sensitive materials.When transporting a work of art, it is important to be familiar with the requirements for its care and preservation.

Most manufacturers of art materials design their products for storage and display in low humidity, indoor environments of 65-80 degree Fahrenheit temperatures, and under low impact and low UV conditions. Transportation activities may expose materials to less than desireable temperatures, moisture, and vibrations.

A work in progress, such as an oil painting, when still wet or uncured, will require extra care to prevent smearing, contact, or debris access to the surface of the work. Other art materials may also need extra attention: clays may be delicate until fired, and pastel may smear.

Consider packaging paintings in transport cases that are designed specially for such purposes. Cardboard and wood transport boxes are available for a range of painting sizes, and they can transport one or multiple paintings safely spaced apart. The cardboard models are also lightweight and convenient for mailing purposes. If mailing, take out insurance on your package for extra protection.

Flat artworks such as drawings, prints, and scratchboard can be mailed or transported in flat packages or folios. Charcoals and pastel, however, might need a spray fixative for best preservation before packaging. Place a sheet of smooth paper, such as tracing paper, between artwork, while making sure the tracing paper covers the whole front of the art; or select an acid-free plastic display envelope to separate sheets of artwork from rubbing each other in transport or delivery. If mailing, mark “fragile” and “do not fold” on the face of the package.

For transportation or mailing of fragile and delicate materials like glass, extra padding may help protect against potential damage caused by vibrations. If heat sensitive, avoid placing the items in sunlight, near a heater, or in an overwarm car as much as possible.


Charity Goodwin, Artist

More than being an experienced Visual Artist in both colored pencil and oil painting, Charity Goodwin is also a Mixed Media Artist. Charity welcomes traditional media, as well as demanding and experimental undertakings in new techniques and their permutations. As both an avid artist and art instructor, Charity shares her artistic values and creative passions through a range of artistic endeavors and instructional efforts.

Charity Goodwin has been an artist for over three decades and loves to work with people and pets, nature, sky and sea. Charity Goodwin endeavors to show the world the life that exists within and around us all.


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