Inspiration in Art

img_14501Being an artist is not always easy. Even for the experienced professional, inspiration does not come on demand or by command. Ideas need time to grow, much like flowers, from a small grain to full bloom.

Sometimes conditions favor the nurturing of these budding ideas; sometimes an immature concept withers for lack of sustenance or due to challenging situations.

When we face difficult or challenging projects, brainstorming and problem solving with partners or trusted confidants can often give us a step up. Sometimes when we are willing to talk about a project, we can see details from different angles and perspectives or observe details otherwise overlooked. 

When an epiphany stirs within our creative souls, there are a few things we can do to encourage this seed of inspiration and assist in its growth and development:

 The first step is a simple and obvious one — write, sketch, or doodle the idea down. By making it tangible, we help make it memorable; and, without going to any extreme,  we encourage our minds to return to the idea as often as it wishes. (If we schedule a part of our time each day for working on our projects, we can then better advance our endeavors and prevent neglectfulness or abandonment.)

The second step requires a willingness to be a “gardener” toward progress with our inspirations. Plant the seed of inspiration, allow it to germinate, and be dedicated to its growth.

As part of growth, we benefit when we research and ask questions. Our projects better develop when we take time to advance our familiarity with our subject materials and/or tools, and we learn as much as is necessary and relevant to the nurturing and expansion of our ideas: anatomies, histories, extant materials, technique, and the opinions of people we respect help us develop and sustain our new works-in-progress.

Charity Goodwin, Artist

More than being an experienced Visual Artist in both colored pencil and oil painting, Charity Goodwin is also a Mixed Media Artist. Charity welcomes traditional media, as well as demanding and experimental undertakings in new techniques and their permutations. As both an avid artist and art instructor, Charity shares her artistic values and creative passions through a range of artistic endeavors and instructional efforts.

Charity Goodwin has been an artist for over three decades and loves to work with people and pets, nature, sky and sea. Charity Goodwin endeavors to show the world the life that exists within and around us all.



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