Baseball and Art

Baseball season and Springtime are almost here, and it is about time for us to start warming up our pitching arm as well as our paintbrushes!

Baseball is very popular in my area. Children practice their swings and toss baseballs in the local park, while the parents hang team flags in their yards and windows. When the games get intense, so do team loyalties, and balls fly fast and far.

Like baseball players, artists follow basic disciplines and rules, engaging in routine warm ups, painting outside when weather allows. Baseball has its performers, followers and fans, and the same is true in the world of Art.

I started several new creative projects during the last couple weeks, each of which require me to keep focused and as occupied as the dedicated player during baseball season.

“Warm up the glove, ready the bat. Here comes the pitch!”

And Now The Pitch
Copyright Charity G. Goodwin


Charity Goodwin, Artist




More than being an experienced Visual Artist in both colored pencil and oil painting, Charity Goodwin is also a Mixed Media Artist. Charity welcomes traditional media, as well as demanding and experimental undertakings in new techniques and their permutations. As both an avid artist and art instructor, Charity shares her artistic values and creative passions through a range of artistic endeavors and instructional efforts.

Charity Goodwin has been an artist for over three decades and loves to work with people and pets, nature, sky and sea. Charity Goodwin endeavors to show the world the life that exists within and around us all.


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