Trees and Heritage

Often art skills are inherited. A parent’s early recognition and encouragement of a natural talent gives children better opportunities to grow and develop their potentials. My parents saw my early inclinations and supported them: even though I was only two years old at the time, I was drawing recognizeable pictures.

Just as in my own family, many artists also have parents and/or grandparents who are creatives or artists. Sometimes an entire family shares a special skill, sometimes only a few members may show an interest or ability. Talent may skip a generation or two, but our roots provide us with the basis for understanding the possibilities for the next generation. 

The symbolic artwork above embodies an important layered understanding: a child’s hand reaching for the sun is to be translated as “a child reaching for the future”; two trees grasping each other are both representive of the child’s geneological origins and thus his support by parents and family members (family trees); the roots in the ground represent both anchor and stability as basis for family growth, while the younger tree limbs grasp ever farther, upwards and onwards, their outreach representing goals and new potentials that might be reached as two genelogical lines unite.

Charity Goodwin, Artist


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