Mysteries of Nature in Art

Have you ever seen ghost lights?  There are other names for them: will-o’-the-wisp, jack’s lantern, marsh lights, ball lightning, Saint Elmo’s fire. They are not UFOs, but they are poorly understood hovering lights that have been seen to dance or float through the nighttime air.

The will-o’-the-wisp has many myths around it, and it has been seen all over the world. Artists have a fascination with this light, and many artistic or creative renderings have been made in an attempt to understand its existence.

I first saw ball lightning while a young child, when it appeared within our house as a silent white sphere. It flew through the room, going from one wall to the opposite wall, and then it disappeared. Nothing was damaged, no marks left as evidence, but everyone saw it. Since then I have seen several of these lights, displayed as fiery orange and brilliant green orbs, over recent years: moving at a quick speed above farm fields and over the highway.

I was inspired by such experiences to paint the above scene. I enjoy painting nature and these mysteries are all a part of nature.

Charity Goodwin, Artist

Lost in the MarshesChasing C

Copyright Charity Goodwin, Oil painting

The day grew old, and night grows nigh;

Blackbirds wing in sunset sky.

Even’s gloam and wafting mist

Close in upon one yet unkissed.

A dream she sought through woodland trail;

Just out of reach,  her grasp does fail.

And lost, she must now seek her way,

Without the light that led her fey.

Through dark and moonless night will be

An unmarked trail so hard to see.

One trail alone is hers to find,

That hales back safely to her kind.

Charity Goodwin, Artist

Have you ever seen ghost lights?


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