Baseball and Art

Baseball season and Springtime are almost here, and it is about time for us to start warming up our pitching arm as well as our paintbrushes! Baseball is very popular in my area. Children practice their swings and toss baseballs in the local park, while the parents hang team flags in their yards and windows. …

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In Western art, dragons are symbols representing wealth, strength, cleverness, and enormity. The dragon is used as a crest symbol in England to represent a specific lineage, and there is a history to its use.

Observing Art Trends

Last year, as people across the country were struggling with economic and social hardships, I observed that many amature and professional artists alike were creating and showing attention-catching artwork of storms or water,  wherein people were often depicted in water as submerged or attempting to surface. Art serves to illustrate the state of the human …

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Trees and Heritage

Often art skills are inherited. A parent's early recognition and encouragement of a natural talent gives children better opportunities to grow and develop their potentials. My parents saw my early inclinations and supported them: even though I was only two years old at the time, I was drawing recognizeable pictures. Just as in my own …

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