Does the Eye Catch Your Attentions? Is Your Eye More Than Your Window for Sight?

Lighten the Eyes
“Lighten the Eyes” Colored pencil painting, copyright Charity Goodwin


How often have you heard it said: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”?  Does it seem true to you?

As an artist, I am often confronted with the task of reaching for beauty within the subject I see.  I often dwell upon the various answers one can give to the question “What is beauty?” Over time, experience as an artist has shown me that the answers to such a question are within each of us, yet no two answers are identical. We can each face the same question, and though we see the same things, much of our vision will be through different lenses created by our own personal experiences. Yet, even with such differences, some basic concepts of beauty will be universal and shared by each of us.

The eye always catches my attention. It seems appropriate to me that the eyes are called the window of the soul. Many of us perceive the eye to be as expressive, if not more so, than any other part of the human figure.

I find eyes to be inspiring, a motivator for my artistic efforts. The eye shows me life, attention, and energy. The eye, in art, can be an aperture that persuades, hopes, and shares understanding. Through the effort to capture the drama of the emotions, as conveyed by the eyes, and thus reveal or depict personality and vitality, I am able to engage in empathy and compassion in the face of  another’s personal reality that requires both brain and heart to understand it.

How often have you noticed that when the eyes of someone are covered, it can be difficult for you to identify that person? Can you as easily see that person’s personality, if his eyes are not in view?

Artists understand that the careful observation of eyes can give depth to their artwork. As artists, caught up in recreating life in paint and colored pencil, we must make sincere efforts to patiently recreate what we observe in the eyes of our subjects.

Charity Goodwin, Artist


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