Seeking Inspiration for Art

Lilies in the GardenLiesin the GardeLilies in
Colored pencil painting. Copyright Charity Goodwin

I love drawing plant life, and I especially enjoy painting lilies. Over the years, I have been impressed by both the elegance and wide diversity in the beauty of lilies. They remind me of springtime’s arrival and they spur my interest in the new growth of  life around me.

I am fortunate to find such bounty of beauty for inspiring my creativities whenever outdoors. Enveloped by nature that awes and inspires me, I willing submerge myself in capturing a lily scene that takes shape, sometimes symbolically, upon my sketchpad or easel. While capturing an artistic vision of the lily, I often feel one with the small lifeforms around me: the bees, dragonflies, birds, and other eye-catching flowers .

After benefiting from such union with nature, I have found that it is easiest to be creative when I am relaxed and in a serene environment. Along with my interest in nature,  I am fascinated by natural geological formations and weather patterns because they unleash my imagination.

I advise people to not force the generation of artistic ideas. It is hard for many of us to be creative when we are impatient, tense, stressed, or tired. I remind myself, when life becomes challenging, to remember the lessons that I have gained from my sessions with nature and I understand that I must simply permit my stress to dissolve away.

Charity Goodwin, Artist


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