What Do I Like About What I Do?


I enjoy the artist’s life: the time I spend with easel and drawing board, discovering new people and places in the world and history, experimenting with new and familiar techniques and materials, in an effort to share my world with others.

I enjoy contemplation time when starting a new work. I believe that historical or biological research has a helpful role in the comprehension of my subject and my choice in its initial portrait layout and presentation. It is important that I try to be as unified in perception as possible when assembling something I consider meaningful. Conflicting, thus confusing, interpretations should never trouble the viewer of the piece.

After research and initial design are finalized, I begin on the actual portrait. Sometimes I have to try a new method or medium to get the right artistic effects.

I have often found experimentation to be a great way to discover a new method; even when I get unexpected results, I have still learned something useful that will work well for another creative endeavor. I usually aim to try something new within each painting.

It is important to me that people understand my paintings, that the message given is received. I look forward to the feedback generated by every artwork.

Charity Goodwin, Artist


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