Drawing Blaze in Art

“Blaze” Colored pencil painting. Copyright Charity Goodwin

I had an enjoyable time creating this picture of a very mischievous feline. Her name was Blaze, and her owner wanted something to display and keep for remembering the pet as time goes by.

Blaze was a healthy, active female cat that was vivacious with endless energy. Blaze rarely sat long enough to pose for me, but I nonetheless managed to capture her charming, though impish, personality and the amusement shining within her eyes. Sometimes it appeared to me as though she laughed at life.

Colored pencil painting is more expressive than many people realize. Aside from oil painting, which I often do, I love working in colored pencil because of its capacity to illustrate particularly fine details, like the individual hairs and whiskers on Blaze’s face and around her eyes. Mixing colors in colored pencil is done by layering or blending on the paper’s surface, not on the palette as with oil paint.

Charity Goodwin, Artist


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