Creating Outdoors

Century Farm
Copyright Charity Goodwin


Century barns carry special meaning to me, related to my appreciation for my great grandparents’ lives, and I respect both their strength and resourcefulness.

This particular barn was built over a century ago, and it still stands today. It was crafted by a generation of people who built well, and who intended for their handiwork to endure for generations – so very different from the priorities of industries in these uncertain, modern times.

I admire those things which endure as proofs that time does not hurry to erase what we put our efforts into and treasure in our lives. So many of us get distracted by the up-an-coming trends and by technology, so much that we can lose sight of our heritage and what it can mean for our future generations.

The reality: “Old” does not equal worthless; it is tested, tried, and familiar. Age endures with a story for us to hear. As with this barn, it is a challenge for modern builders to reproduce efforts of the same skill, quality, and craftsmanship as our country made a century ago; and it stands testimony to the many lives of men who wanted to build a nation for their children.

Charity Goodwin, Artist




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