Endeavoring for Realism in Art

I am a painter in diverse media and a teacher of art. I enjoy working with pigments and oils, brushes and panels, and prefer an emphasis on realism. To aim to achieve it, I sometimes require the assistance of models. Although I occasionally use my camera to take a couple of reference photos to use for painting efforts, I normally decline to use photo editing software of any kind. I have always had a personal admiration for Medieval painters, and, over time, I have come to feel that artwork inspired from an edited photo is as not as convincing as working with inspiration from something that is solidly real in front of me.

I dress my models in costumes of my own creation.  I carefully sew these costumes from materials strategically selected for drape and effect. Sewing is an art form in its own right and is a practical and, in my case, ideal tool for modifying or creating apparel and studio staging. I enjoy making original costumes and patterns for my models to wear, and doing this creative costuming provides me with an expanded sense of familiarity when I finally paint the models in their studio arrangement and ensures their costumes are suitable to my chosen theme under creation.

My primary passion is art; however, my secondary passion for both sewing and collecting a variety of fabrics has contributed greatly to my achievements as an artist and in enabling me to explore theme developments. Over the years, I have selected fabrics in an assortment of decorative laces, satins, velvets, corduroys, and cottons. I enjoy capturing in painted imagery the flow of these fabrics and the forms shaped by their folds and drapes.

Charity Goodwin, Artist


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