Keeping Art Mobile

Although I enjoy painting an artistic creation within a studio, I also truly enjoy and prefer the natural outdoors for my time in creative expression. Nature has given me many years of experience with both artpad and the French easel.

For me, when painting on-the-go, the French easel (or, on occasion, a pochade) is an essential aid.  I stock my easel with my basic and high-use colors, small bottles of oil medium and brush cleaner, a few paper napkins, and a handful of my most trusted paint brushes. My easel carries its own palette and it can capably transport, with careful pre-planning,  a wet painting. During long walks with the easel, I use a shoulder harness to tote it like a backpack.

On those times that I travel with an artpad, without the aid of an easel, I bring only basic supplies and finish my creative work whenever I return to the studio. At such times, a quality mechanical pencil, white eraser, and a pad of heavyweight artpaper are my required minimum. I make carrying cases for my artpads that fit my personal preferences of style and portability. To suit me, they must be both colorful and individualized.

Often, while I am enrapt in painting, curious bystanders approach me to inquire about what I make and to start a conversation. Experience has shown me that many people are fascinated by the creative process and will willingly stand around just to watch an artist. I do not mind their observations of my efforts at the easel or while using the artpad, although I do understand that there are other artists who find such attentions by curious onlookers to be personally distracting. I have encouraged such sensitive artists, who have told me that they do not wish any discourse whatsoever, to create their work only within their studios or to seek more reclusive painting in nature areas well away from the chance of human disturbances.

Once I return to the studio, after an engaging time of outdoor creativity, I carefully clear out and repack my easel in preparation for the next excursion. I always like to have my easel ready for a moment’s inspiration.

Charity Goodwin, Artist


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