Painting Our Worldview

Shadow and light. Mystery and clarification. Understanding, conceptualization, creation.

Its shape defined by the limitations of human awareness, our reality fluctuates, wriggles in our hands. It is hard to hold fast to just one view of our existence: when we think we have finally gotten a grasp thereon, we see yet another facet previously hidden from our sight. Our perception of our place in existence changes with experience and time as we mature.

When I compose a new painting, I maintain one steady viewpoint. I understand that I would confuse the viewer if I altered my perspective for every perceived potentiality in my picture. There is an infinite number of  viewpoints I could choose when painting, the same as are there an infinite number of ways to perceive the world and the many histories that blend to make our lives as they are today. I consider it important to be open minded when approaching new experiences or understandings, and, at the same time, to realize that I may not truly know the “familiar” as it might seem.

It is impossible for me, or anyone else, to embrace all possible perspectives in life. For this reason, the best point of reference for beginning any new work of art is the center point. All else follows the center point and is based upon relationship to that point. When considering my realities and priorities, I start with what is central to life: home, family, love, peace, and devotion.

I apply the disciplines of center point from my practice of artistic focus to handle the art of living. People and commitments are the center point and our opinions and emotions provide the color; it is up to us to keep them together in harmonic unity.

Charity Goodwin, Artist


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