What Inspires?

As an inherently creative individual, I am spiritedly inspired by the grace of nature. I enjoy, with an artist’s eye, those things that swim, fly, float or blow on a breeze: dolphins and whales gliding in water, honey bees and humming birds in flight, lilies swaying after a rain, restless waves on the sea, lightening-studded clouds at sunset.

I appreciate that Nature is never boring, never showing me the same scenes twice. Every day is change, every season has different colors, different patterns.

My aim is to keep the story I am painting subject to the spirit of my environment. Outside sitting with my easel while I work, my creativity flows. Daylight becomes superior over artificial light for making my path across the canvas. Although music adds a creative feel, I usually do not play music while I paint. There is a reason for this: I can easily become so united with my natural environment on canvas that I cannot hear the music, even when playing next to me. I am actively engaged with my subject matter and medium, and nothing else can intrude.

I can lose an afternoon painting. Or, perhaps I should say that time doesn’t last long enough when I am painting. I do not mind the dedication to my medium; just as well, depending on size and complexity, a painting may take weeks, even months, before I place my signature strokes to it.

Nature shows me life renewed every spring, the vibrant heartbeat of summer, the abundance of autumn harvests, winter as stillness and quietude.

Nature will always be an endless source of inspiration to me.

Charity Goodwin, Artist


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