Lost in Time

As an artist sometimes I become caught up in concepts of Time. With easle in front of me and paintbrush in hand, I sometimes feel as though time crawls, yet it goes by so swiftly.  I cannot wait for something; yet, when it happens, it is over so quickly. I, like so many people around me, remember how things once were and anticipate what might yet be. Yet it is never yesterday, nor tomorrow, no matter how long we wait or regret. It is the Now that we experience.

In my heart I understand that Patience allows the artist to enjoy Now. I am here, looking and seeing what is actually right in front of me, the physical realities of living and the emotions that attend it. With awareness of life humming around me, I can actually see, touch, smell, and hear what is right in front of me. In art, I catch this special moment in time and embed that specialness in oil paint.

To me, an artist for over three decades, this has become Art in its purest sense.

Charity Goodwin, Artist


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