How Do You Prevent Damage To Your Fine Art?

Fine Art is valuable and must be properly cared for. Try to protect your art from a few of the more common sources of damage:

Smoking. Smoking, from any source, will slowly darken your art over time; and the smoke is nearly impossible to remove from many art surfaces. Try not to smoke near your fine art, and keep your art away from heat sources such as wood stoves, candles, and kitchens.

Adhesives. Many common adhesives are acidic and they will eventually damage the surfaces they are placed upon. There are a few pH neutral ones available, however.

Moisture. To better preserve paper-based artwork from moisture, remember to keep it protected with matboard and glazing glass. If humidity damage is a risk for any favored artwork, consider the use of a dehumidifier to lower humidity. Avoid placing valuable art at risk of moisture and heat damage within kitchens or bathrooms. Moisture may cause paper art to run or buckle and oil paintings to soften.

Fingerprints. Fingerprints attract dust, and skin oils do darken with time. Try not to handle your art more than necessary, and place it in a protective frame when display.

UV. I have personally seen the severe damages that ultraviolet light can wreck on dyes and some pigments, causing them to color shift or fade. Use UV resistant glazing glass in frames and mount art away from the direct light allowed in by windows.

Loving the life of art;

Charity Goodwin, Artist


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