Immersing in Life

The earth is a natural source of beauty and inspiration. Every day I am surrounded by elements found in the most stunning works of art: the sparkles off water, the glow of the moon, the many colors in the sunrise.

But yet, I have observed that many people seem unable to see what is right in front of them.

Artists show humanity what is often overlooked, neglected, or forgotten. Art helps us remember the past, see the world as it is or could be, or appreciate things anew. Art is able to show those things that are hidden inside the obvious.

When I paint, I enjoy the opportunity to study my subject in close detail. Painting allows me to see the world around us more closely than I might otherwise have, and to share what I see with others.

Have you ever noticed the patterns that are repeatedly found throughout nature? The way fur and hair flow and shine? The many small lives that are hidden within the rose bushes and ivy?

Art is also a way I preserve time: I enjoy painting portraits of loved ones and pets, role models, and people of history who I find inspiring, and should not be forgotten.

The canvas is another window through which we can see farther.  As an artist, I do commissioned custom-designed art for those who, like me, want to capture and immortalize the  image of a beloved pet, a sentimental item, inspirational symbol, a soothing environment or place of fond memories.

I welcome comments from any  who can see the many layers in art as a form of memory and expression.

Charity Goodwin, Artist


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