Art Is The Evidence of Possibility

Everyone loves to express themselves. Some choose words or music; those who are more visually inclined prefer colors, shapes, and forms.

Some of us are creators – we are unable to be satisfied by relying on industry to provide us with every element in our lives. We must add a piece of ourselves to our world, and help shape some part of our existence. We wish to reaffirm our humanity. Humans create.

People love to know that there are still items made by a human, not totally by machine. These days, it is getting increasingly rare to find anything hand made, or original. “One-of-a-kind” has almost disappeared.

Photos displaced paintings, printed fabrics outnumbered embroidery. Handmade quilts are heirlooms, treasured, but few remember the hours of effort and love that their makers put into them.

Technology has made many things abundant, but not with the charm or the individuality of those artfully made by skilled human hands.

Yet, in the face of a seeming abundance of machined products, we have a hollowness which yearns to be filled by the artfulness of human hands.

What are your experiences with handmade works of art? How many of you remember the inheritance of the heirloom quilt? Ask me questions or share with me your favorite memories of human creativity and how they affected you and your life.


Charity Goodwin, Artist




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