How do you remember your pet?

Everyone loves.  Some of us have pets; we love them, too. Dogs are the most popular pets here in the United States, but cats, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, and fish are just a few of the many animal companions that keep us company as well, and make our lives more fulfilled.

Life would be less without them. Not everyone has a human companion. Sometimes our hearts are very large with room to spare, and we need one more someone to spend time with.

Much time and affection we invest in our pets. Our pets pay us back with interest, and devotion. They have the curiosity of children, the playfulness of our youth. Thoughts of childhood often resurrect memories of time spent with a favorite pet, games played with them, moments together.

Original art portraits are increasingly popular today as a way to preserve fond memories of a pet. An artist is able to render more than just a simple image onto the canvas or paper. Portrait artists try to capture the personality or history of a subject, human or pet, and put much heart into the effort.

A painting of your pet is special. No other will ever be like yours, any more than your pet is ever identical to any other. Each is original, and unique.

An artist myself, I enjoy working with people; and I love creating something meaningful for others. It is wonderful to shape color with my fingers in the outlines of life; or to bring back to living, as it were, the visages and stories of those long gone.

Have you had a pet that was truly special? Dog, cat, or hamster, perhaps?  Please leave a comment about your pet. If you have questions, do let me know!

Charity Goodwin, Artist


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